Filbert and friends

afb 1

This will be my first post in English. So forgive me for any spelling errors. I will not edit this by someone else because this is about a feeling I have and it is all about the errors.

Today I will present my new pattern Filbert. His name was given to him by Anna. And I am very grateful for that because I absolutely love it.


Filbert himself is a feeling for me. He was designed in a Void in which I was so happy. I love those moments that everything is okay even though there is enough going on in the world. You are just in rest. And every time I see that happy colored fella I feel that.

In my every day live I am an Engineer it is a world where mistakes are not allowed. On top of that I am very hard on myself if I do make a mistake. This week I learned that it is not about being perfect but about how you react if your not.

His pattern is now for sale in my Etsy Shop

Preview patern

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  1. Ton says:

    Proud father

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